My Mom was the seamstress in the family, and the bringing together of cuts of fabric fascinated me from an early age.  Mom had a Singer Treadle sewing machine, and as a young lad, I used to sit on her feet and rock, whilst adding my own tiny creations to the sewing room.

When Mom bought a full house Empisal double bed knitting machine with lace carriage, I was hooked to knitting immediately.  I’ve purchased two chunky Empisal machines from a knitting concern and spent many hours just creating and pushing the norms to the limit.  Marvelous machines!

Mom’s arthritis started taking its toll on her wonderful creative hands, and it was a sad day when she ‘bequeathed’ the Empisal twin bed with lace carriage to me.  She also had a Singer 5 thread serger, but that was her pride and joy and I was out of luck with that one.

Back home, I ran two Singers for the shop, but needed an updated machine to cope with a lot of work that kept on piling up. So, in came the Husqvarna Viking!  What a magnificent machine that is!

A friend of mine’s Mom and her mother, used to repair and make coats and heavy garments for the fire department in the Carolinas, and when they decided to move back, his Mom decided that if I can teach her crochet, she’d bequeath me not only a 4 thread Singer Serger-brand new! mind you, – but also an industrial – Liebersew – sewing machine with stand and all the accessories.

With these gifts, I jumped on the opportunity to teach basic crochet to honor the arrangement.  Deciding that I needed a portable knitting machine, I obtained a very clean and in great shape ‘White’ form a Canadian knitter, and that brought the factory and creation side to a completion.  Now to find the time to ‘play’ with all these amazing machines!

Still love crochet, knitting and sewing and really put my back into it when the custom orders start coming in.

So that’s a bit about me.  A Huge warm welcome to Andy’s.  Make your browsing a memorable experience, and please do not hesitate to ask about orders, custom orders etc.  I am on the verge of launching hat and scarves sets, so please keep an eye out  in the shop as things increase.

I’m also planning a ‘General Store’ section where I’ll be selling any and everything not covered in fibers.

Don’t forget to visit our Ghanian Kente Ribbon store where my wife Sue creates and sells her amazing graphic and ribbon craft creations!